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Background & Objectives

According to the 2001 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), about a quarter of the people in the world suffer from mental and mood disorders in various degrees. Depression is ranked as the number one killer among mental health illnesses. Though it is quite common for people to have a certain degree of mental illness, most people do not know much about it. Worse still, some may not even know that they have the illness, thereby leading to delay in getting treatment which could end up costing them their lives.

Ms Victoria LAM Kin Ming, who once suffered from depression and anxiety disorders, established Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation in 2004 with the assistance of a dedicated group of volunteers. The Foundation's objectives are to promote the awareness of mental health in the community, to avoid misconceptions and discrimination regarding such illnesses, and to provide services and information to people who suffer from emotional disorders as well as their families.

The Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation is a non-profit making charitable organization with Trustees, Consultants and Executive Committee Members from different profession such as specialists in psychiatry, clinical psychologists, lawyers, artists, celebrities and media practitioners who have learnt that depression and other mental health illnesses are becoming more prevalent in society. Therefore, when Ms LAM came up with the idea of setting up an organization to combat emotional disorders, all these various persons joined hands with her.

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