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About Event

Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 is organized by Joyful Mental Health Foundation.  It is an extraordinary occasion that carries with it a rich history of compassion and unwavering commitment to make our society a difference. Since 2010, Joyful Charity Run has been a beacon of hope and a driving force in promoting the public awareness towards mental health issues and the transformative power of sports. Meanwhile, it aims at raising funds for mental health education and counselling services provided by Joyful Mental Health Foundation.  

In addition, we welcome families to participate in this charitable event.  Through the 3.5K family race, families can enjoy only bonding time, but also enable to teach their children to cultivate perseverance and build up a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 will be held at Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Sai Kung on 24 Feb 2024 (Saturday), 9:00AM(HKT). We encourage all individuals of diverse running backgrounds and aspirations to participate in this charitable event which includes 10km Run and 3.5km Walk. 

​❤️❤️This year, we are pleased to invite Miss Joey Meng, Strawberry Yeung and Mr. Timothy Cheng to be our Joyful Ambassadors.❤️❤️

Join us at Joyful Charity Run & Walk 2024 as we honor our past, celebrate the present, and shape our future. Together, we can continue the legacy of generosity. 




Joyful Ambassadors

Joyful Charity Run & Walk
Preparatory Consultant 

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Raise the public awareness of mental health  

Promote the transformative power of sports 

Raise funds for the mental health education and counselling services

Build up a positive and healthy lifestyle 

Clearwater Bay Golf and  Country Club 

"Giving back to society" is the generosity that Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong has always adhered to. Since 2003,  Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong has been commited to the community. It has actively cooperated with numerous charity organizations, hosted and participated in different benevolent events and worked together towards a more equitable and compassionate society.


In February 2024, Clear Water Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong will continue to fully support the Joyful Charity Run and Walk to raise funds for Joyful Mental Health Foundation. 

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Mrs Chan Chung Kin Hoi

Dr. Tsang, Nelson Siu Ki

Dr. Ng, Elizabeth Man Chin


Mr Winson Choi

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